Chef Diego Aira Piva is the Culinary Director of the Chef’s Theatre and is sharing his thoughts about the confectionery sector and what you can expect by visiting the Chefs Theatre at the Speciality Food Festival.

What new consumer trends are taking over the confectionary sector?

The general new trends are definitely products with less sugar. It might be strange for a sector that is essentially based on sugar but today the consumers are not attracted by shining colours or just by a nice appearance. The consumer is looking more and more on the ingredients.

How has the confectionary industry evolved in line with today’s more health-conscious consumers?

The industry is following the general trend on a more healthy still of life. To sell sweets, the industry needs to work more on the content (ingredients) than the appearance.

How are you adapting/setting the trends?

I am a consultant for Italian restaurants and I opened Italian restaurants in many countries in different continents, sometime to set new trends is better to simplify the offer and reduce the sophistications. The cuisine is an art in all its forms but is ‘’an instant art’’ that should be enjoyed with no explanation. When a dish needs to be explained it never set any trend.


What brings you to the Speciality Food Festival? Is this your first time?

This is my 5th edition of The Speciality Food Festival and it is important for me to attend as I can see what new products readily available and services that can assist me in setting up new restaurants.

What will you showcase at the Chef Theater?

The chef theatre is the house of the chefs. Every year we try to create the best environment where the producer, manufactures and F&B operators can meet the chefs. The chefs are the ‘’end users’’ and one of the most important actors in the industry. At the chef theatre, we give them the opportunity to showcase their cuisine playing with the best ingredients. One of the most important characteristics of the Chef Theatre is that all the activities are planned to be very spectacular like a real show. That’s is extremely important to us.

New trends, new products, old and new techniques compared and explained. Story and future of specifics dishes and traditions. Ethnic cuisines and the importance of the quality ingredients.

What kind attendees/visitors expect from the Chef Theater?

Visitors have a chance to see Michelin and celebrity chefs creating next level seafood, organic, gluten-free and artisan cuisine in a bustling festival environment.

With tips and insights gathered from all over the world, Executive and Michelin Starred chefs will be demonstrating exactly what they are bringing to the table in 2018. And if you are wondering… Yes, it will be delicious!