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Nuttino plant based cheeses and spreads

Nuttino Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4-B60
Nuttino is about spreading love and happiness through tasty and healthy plant-based products suitable for everyone. The nuttino cheeses and spreads have a natural and delicious creamy taste. The texture is smooth and mouthwatering. Nuttino products are a great source of essential nutrients, vitamins, protein and fiber. Dairy free, oil free, sugar free, gluten free, no additives. Nuttino cheeses come in three flavors: Truffle cheese: often referred as the “Diamond of the kitchen”, the truffle flavor goodness in our truffle nut-based cheese is to die for! Paprika chili cheese: Did you know paprika peppers have seven times more vitamin c than oranges? Try it out in our smoky blend,nuttino paprika chili cheese. Black pepper cheese: Black pepper is today the world’s most traded spice. Its flavor is delicious in our black pepper nut-based cheese. An all-time favorite! Nuttino spreads come in two flavors: Chives spread: Chives belong to the onion family and have been recognized for many health benefits, including reducing inflammation. Try our spread as a pasta sauce or on your favorite crackers! Garlic & rosemary spread: Did you know that rosemary has benefits such as improving memory and digestion, while garlic acts as an immune booster? Try our spread as a pasta sauce or on your favorite crackers! 100% plant-based and KETO friendly, made in the UAE.
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