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BamNut Milk named 2022’s 2nd Best Vegan Milk in APAC

WhatIF F&I Pte Ltd Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4-B71
BamNut Milk named 2022’s 2nd Best Vegan Milk in APAC
abillion, a leading community-driven app for those part of the vegan and sustainable movement, has recently named WhatIF Foods’ “BamNut Milk Everyday'' as the 2nd best vegan milk in the Asia Pacific region, along with other familiar favorites like Oatside Barista Blend and Bonsoy Soy Milk. According to the publication, the said ranking is based on “26,000 reviews of milk products from over 10,000 abillion members across the globe.” This basically means that BamNut Milk Everyday is somewhat of an authority within the vegan community. But for those who may not be that familiar with vegan products, what is BamNut Milk exactly? In essence, BamNut Milk is a product of Singapore-based planet-positive company, WhatIF Foods. It’s made from the climate-resilient and regenerative crop called Bambara groundnuts, which are legumes packed with protein. WhatIF Foods was founded on the premise of regenerative principles, meaning, the brand aims to promote regeneration as opposed to sustainability. They believe that outdated practices in farming, supply chain, and food production continue to contribute to the decline of the planet and its inhabitants, so they are trying to revolutionize the entire industry in order to create a better future for everyone, and BamNut Milk Everyday is one of their main tools. But really, what makes BamNut Milk Everyday so great? Aside from being vegan, this deliciously creamy product is also versatile and can be used for cooking, baking or on its own. It’s Non-GMO Project verified, has 5 grams of protein and dietary fiber per serving, and is free from artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, stabilizers, or emulsifiers.
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