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Exhibitor Press Releases

13 Aug 2015

Pandino, the best caviar in the world is born from the waters of the Torno

SALMO-PAN SOCIETA AGRICOLA SRL Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-K20
In the heart of Pandino, where the Torno River flows pure and pristine, the world's most exquisite caviar is born. At Expo, the Coldiretti stand unveiled this exceptional production. In Italy, sturgeon farms producing caviar are as rare as gems. Matteo Giovannini, co-owner of Adamas di Pandino, shared the story: "My father, Alfredo, founded the company in the late '80s. It's a family tradition – my grandfather was into fish. Here in Pandino, we have resurgences and excellent waters for trout farming. Over time, due to market demand, we transitioned to sturgeon. About ten years ago, we converted the farm for sturgeon meat production, and a decade later, our sturgeons matured for caviar production. It's a product beloved worldwide." Inside the Torno River's natural park, around 100,000 Siberian Hacipenser Berii sturgeons, the source of excellent caviar, swim freely. Notably, this farm follows eco-friendly practices, utilizing GMO-free feed, avoiding antibiotics and disinfectants, and relying entirely on solar energy. Matteo Giovannini expressed the deep connection they have with nature: "Ours is a small, family-owned company, where we all work closely with nature. Passion for nature, land, and water binds us to this activity. In our region, we're blessed with stunning resurgences, enabling us to produce caviar considered one of the world's best." Surprisingly, 80% of Adamas' production is exported, particularly to Eastern Europe, where it's often mistaken for a local product due to its exceptional quality. Giovannini added a curious note: "It's fascinating to think that Russians, in Russia, enjoy Italian caviar, believing it's of their own make. But when they come to Italy, they won't eat it, saying it's not Russian."