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Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen)

Nouvelle Terre Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4-G13
  • Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen)
  • Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen)
  • Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen)
Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen) Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen) Gelati and Sorbetti (Frozen)
(1) The buononaturale mixed gelato-sorbetto in fruit shell is a high-quality product from Italy’s finest semiartisanal laboratories, made with simplicity and passion. Every package contains eight varieties of fruit filled with gelato-sorbetto made from the fruit’s own pulp. Thanks to this ingenious tecnique, every (natural) fruit shell becomes, in turn, the natural container for its own gelato-sorbetto. Savor this intriguing mix of fruit and gelato-sorbetto anywhere anytime. (2) The buononaturale high-quality gourmet gelato-sorbetto is produced in semiartisanal laboratories in Italy, with simplicity and passion. This line of gelati-sorbetti offers you the experience of a serene summer night in Italy, when stopping in at the local bar (or gelateria) for an after-dinner gelato is a rite. Our gelato-sorbetto is available in four gluttonous variants: pistachio, hazelnut, salted caramel biscotto, and amarena cherry croccante.
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