Seafood by - Cooke True North Seafood Company

Did you know that UAE consumers eat almost twice as much seafood as their global counterparts? Read More

Fish Fingers by - Alliance Foods

Who knew the humble fish finger would prove to be such a catch? Read More

Gluten Free by - Farmo

Demand for healthy and natural ingredients is prompting foodservice operators to introduce gluten-free options onto their standard menus. Source: Euromonitor International. Read More

Snacks by - Fulfil Nutrition

Specific ‘hunger moments’ are becoming a powerful targeting weapon for food providers. Read More

Hot Beverages by - Karam Foods Industries

As consumers seek to experience artisan coffee on-the-go, hot beverage producers are responding with premium ranges of professional quality coffee in the form of capsules and ready-made cups. Read More

Chocolate and Candy - Oriental Flavour (STAGIONI)

Chocolate remains the first choice for sweet lovers – representing 77.3 percent of UAE confectionery sales in 2016. Read More 

Edible Oil by - High Oleic Oil by FlavOil

As suppliers of one of England’s fondest national cuisines, Fish and Chips shops are known to get through their fair share of cooking oil. Read More…

Anchovies at AMASCOP

Small fish like anchovies, sardines, mackerel and smelt are not only  high in protein and low in fat, but they are also easier to catch than larger species like cod or haddock. Read More…

Belgian chocolates by Chocofina Stand Z3-A35

The major factor that differentiates Belgian chocolate from other varieties is that it contains 100% cocoa butter. Read More…

Saadeddine pastries and desserts at Stand Z3-B16

Saadeddine believe your customers want more than just sweets. Read More…

Authentic Italian products by Silarus, Stand Z6-C48, Z6-C50

Home to more than 300 Italian chefs, the Mediterranean diet has never been more relevant in the UAE than it is today. Read More…

Wholesale bakes from The Lime Tree Café, Stand Z6-F22

Famous for serving quite literally the best carrot cake in Dubai, The Lime Tree Café has achieved cult status since setting up business in the Emirate sixteen years ago. Read More…