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The Di Cerbo Agricultural Company was founded in the early 2000s has headquarters in Dugenta, but extends the own crops also in others municipalities of the Telesina Valley in province of Benevento. Love for the land and the Samnite territory inspired the main objective of the company: enhance Campania’s products in respect for ancient traditions. There like to use simple recipes, handed down by our parents and grandparents, to preserve the ancient flavors and the traditions that combined with the quality of the raw material make the our products. The processes range from the production of wines, from the decanting and bottling of extra virgin olive oil from olives, from the production of extra fruit jams and nectars, to production of preserves in oil and tomato preserves allowing to market a wide range of products. From the passion for good things we prepare artisan products guaranteed in compliance with health and hygiene regulations, without using chemical additives but only what nature offers us. In fact in 2014 one of the company’s main milestones has been achieved as well the recognition of an ORGANIC FARM with the trademark “STELLA MAIURI” and therefore with the consequent production of organic products. The Cerbo Agricultural Company has created a laboratory model functional to your needs, consisting of machines and technologically advanced equipment. In the laboratory of transformation adjacent to the company, the product is transformed from agricultural to agri-food and, as always, the company places the maximum care in every phase of the process with qualified personnel and particular attention to legal compliance. Thank you to experience, the company offers a support service to many farmers and producers with its authorized laboratory for the transformation on behalf of third parties.


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