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Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4 B15
  • Condiments & Sauces
  • Ethnic Food
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Specialty Food
ChiMcKing is a premium chicken brand that started in Deagu, the hometown of CHIMAEK.


30, Jibeom-ro suseong-gu
Korea, Republic of


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  • Chewy sticky-rice balls filled with warm cheese will melt in your mouth! Dip a Cheese Ball in sweet condensed milk sauce.
  • Sweet and spicy Cheese Tteokbokki, served with chewy cheese balls, is covered with mozzarella cheese and grilled in a fire oven
  • Spicy food lovers will fall in love with So Hot King! Try our So Hot King wings for the numbing spiciness!
  • The delicious spicy wings, perfectly seasoned with Hot King sauce, will keep you craving!
  • Crispy and juicy wings, seasoned with sweet and savory soy garlic sauce!
  • ChiMcKing | Korea
  • ChiMcKing | Japan
  • ChiMcKing | Philadelphia
  • Beach Volleyball World Tour Festival x ChiMcKing
  • Singapore Food Fair x ChiMcKing
  • Cooking class with ChiMcKiing
  • ChiMcKing | Portland
  • There is a robot called [Serving King] is working on ChiMcKing.
  • This festival is popular Chicken and beer festival in KOREA.
  • CHIMCKING is specialized in Addictively tasty fried chicken glazed with CHIMCKING's specialized soy garlic sauce. CHIMCKING's origianl technology : batter powder, sauce and recipes. Double-fired chick ...
  • YonhapnewsTV x Chimcking (CHIMEAK FESTIVAL)
  • CHIMCKING also succeeded in entering the JAPAN despite the COVID-19
  • CHIMCKING succeeded in entering the U.S. A despite the COVID-19
  • They had a chicken-making experience at the R&D lab of the CHIMCKING.
  • 1. We use 100% fresh domestic refrigerated chicken only. 2.Raised in Clean Areas Chickens are raised in certified eco-friendly farmhouses, ensuring animal health and well-being in clean areas. 3.Chick ...
  • Manufacturing CHIMCKING's special sauce, powder and marinated chicken meat. Operating CHIMCKING's direct management branches and supervise franchises.
  • ChiMcKing, Cultural Social Hub with the Finest Chicken CHIMCKING is the premium chicken brand, extra-ordinary fired chicken with CHIMCKING's sauce and various menu items.

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