Fattoria Petrini di Petrini F.

Hall: Za'abeel 4 Stand: Z4-C20
  • Food Service
Fattoria Petrini is a family-run company, whose founders, Imolo and Leonida Petrini, turned their passion to producing olive oil in the 1960s. After a steady growth, in 1991 the quality olives provided by the family groves in the town of Monte San Vito, allowed the family to start producing organic olive oil, and in 1993 the company gained its first of many certifications to come. The San Vito olive groves are located just a few kilometres away from the Adriatic coast in the province of Ancona, in a territory that has long been associated with quality agricultural productions.The territory was already famous in Roman times for its climate and terroir, which is particularly well-suited to growing olives. It boasts centuries-old olive trees that bear witness of how important the San Vito Hill has been for the social and economic development of the area, just as the ancient 1600s mill, with its powerful grind stones and large wooden press, continues to remind us of the long tradition of oil production. Still today the olives are only harvested when they get just the right rate of ripening, and then worked within few hours in the company mill. After an initial wash, the crushing is carried out with grind stones, whilst pressing is accomplished by the use of a centrifugal decanter, exploiting the different densities of water, oil and pomace, to best extract the oil, which is then preserved in stainless steel tanks away from heat and light sources. Today the third generation is represented by Francesca and Cristiano Petrini ( Imolo’s niece and nephew ), both professional oil masters and expert in tasting olive oils.


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