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Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4-D71
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The collagen company. World’s first and only Marrow Bone Broth and Soup brand to sold in the cold chain. While we were preparing our Gurvitas, we were inspired by centuries of culinary culture and the recipes of our elders. As a result of 9 months of R&D studies, we started our production with scientific infrastructure. We became the first Marrow Bone Broth and Soup brand in Turkey to be sold in the cold chain in the national market. With the analyzed, controlled and sustainable resources we obtain from our suppliers, which are under our supervision and where good agricultural and livestock policies are applied, we make our production completely untouched by hand, expertly and in sterile conditions. We pack our products, which we prepare in their most natural form without using any additives and preservatives, using high-tech, and send them fresh to you with daily productions. Some of our product ; • Plain Marrow Bone Broth - The crown jewel of our tables. • Marrow Bone Broth with Vegetables - There are many of benefits in this jar. • Lamb Marrow Bone Broth - Our gelatinous vitamin and collagen store. • Plain Chicken Broth - If you miss the smell and taste of the chickens of the old days. • Chicken Broth with Vegetables - We prepare it with village chickens without any additives. • Sheep’s Head and Trotter Soup - Flavour is drooling from our legs. • Trotter Soup - The healing soup of our culinary culture. • Tripe Soup - We’re not making this up. • Marrow Bone Broth with Ezongelin Soup - Most popular flavours of Anatolian Cuisine. • Marrow Bone Broth with Lentil Soup - The indispensable taste of our traditional cuisine. • Chicken Broth with Boiled - We love village chickens. • Organic Fermented Vinegars.


Yesilce Mahallesi, Emektar Cikmazi Sokak No:1/1 Kagithane


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  • We don’t call it vinegar unless it has been rested in a stone pool for 9 months. We produce our vinegar by resting it in stone pools for 9 months without filtering and pasteurizing. We prepare our tra ...
  • We lubricate your health. We offer you the purest form of marrow with out plain marrow oil. You can create deep flavours by using it in any dish, pastry, frying or sause you use oil to make. Our pure ...
  • We love village chickens. The most popular classic of our cuisine. We boil it in our delicious village chicken broth that we have prepared in 24 hours. We offer you our chicken boiled in chicken broth ...
  • Lentil Soup, the indispensable taste of our traditional cuisine. We prepared our geographically marked Midyat red lentils with expertise, using Erzurum plain oil and our marrow bone broth. Just open i ...
  • One of the most popular flavours of Anatolian Cuisine, Ezogelin Soup. You won’t be able to get enough of our Ezogelin Soup, which is made with wholewheat Karacadag rice, Midyat red lentils, Gaziantep ...
  • The enthusiasts know. We carefully and masterfully prepared our Vein Salting, which is the most precious and special part of the tripe with our marrow bone broth. You can consume this unique flavour w ...
  • Tripe Salting in sickness and health. We have reinterpreted the very delicious and useful tripe salting soup of our cuisine using veal trotter and marrow bone broth. You won’t be able to have enough o ...
  • We’re not making this up. We have reinterpreted the indispensable classic of our kitchen, our tripe soup, with our collagen rich trotter and marrow bone broth. We prepared it with expertise and great ...
  • The healing soup of our culinary culture. We prepare our trotter soup in its simplest form with expertise using our marrow bone broth and present it to you freshly. You can heat it and consume with vi ...
  • Flavour is drooling from our legs. The Gurvita Sheep’s Head and Trotter Soup offers you health as well as taste. We expertly prepare our collagen and protein-rich soup using Gurvita Marrow Bone Broth, ...

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