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30 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER 2018    Dubai World Trade Centre

7 Things You Should Know About Grocery and Foodservice

Whether relating to out-of-home dining or retail opportunities, Food as an industry is increasingly being considered ‘cool’ thanks to an influx of leading-edge innovations- especially those driven by startups.

The industry is attracting more ‘creatives’ as it takes its inspiration from smaller, lesser known businesses leading with new, experimental concepts like never before. Established conglomerates can be seen looking to these for inspiration and also merging with them in order to maintain market share.


The Foodservice industry can be seen rapidly adapting to the specific needs and wants of Millennials who rate “experience” above all else and who are willing to pay more for sustainable, unique and personalized Foodservice and retail formats that align with their impulses and values. The importance of food and dining as a means for socialization is evident.

While Millennials rate experience and novelty, baby boomers can be seen hankering after retro formats that are associated with childhood/years gone by. These throw-back comfort concepts and flavours are thought to provide a sense of security during hectic times.

Industry experts report that while there is still plenty of opportunity in high to mid-level dining, the value market is currently ‘where it’s at’. Food trucks, pop ups, kiosks and fast casual represents major business opportunities, as consumers get on board with international tastes and flavours like never before.
Health will continue to play a key role in shaping dining and retail food choices. ‘Trusted’ brands who serve traceable/locally produced/ethical products are increasingly prioritized by customers.

The advent of Blockchain is whetting the appetites of hotel and restaurant businesses owners who are coming to understand how unified, seamless guest experiences represent huge CRM possibilities for the future. Meanwhile F&B manufacturers are capitalizing on the related food safety and security benefits, as cloud technology promises to streamline the entire supplier chain transparently.

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