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  • 3-5- November 2020
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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  •   3-5 November 2020
  •   Dubai World Trade Centre

Plant gastro innovators Koppert Cress confirmed

Plant gastro innovators Koppert Cress confirmed

If you thought cress was simply a nice addition for your customary egg sandwiches, think again. Gastro innovators Koppert Cress are welcoming regional Chefs to take part in a ‘Cressperience’ at The Speciality Food Festival where they will be showcasing seedlings of unique plants, each having their own specific effect on the senses through flavour, fragrance, feel or presentation.

Overturning the theory that microgreens are merely a garnish, these live Show and Tell sessions will demonstrate how plants are steadily moving front and centre of the dinner plate in a variety of tantalizing formats. One recommended pairing brings together a carpaccio of strawberries, aged parmigiana, micro basil, Zalotti Blossom edible flowers, virgin oil and cracked black pepper. The resulting contrast of salt and sweet/ cheese and fruit elements are said to produce a ‘wonderful rounding combination’ that showcases how vegan and botanical dishes are becoming increasingly relevant menu additions with wide-scale appeal.


Showcase highlights include:

Plant-based-food at Speciality

Plant-based-food at Speciality


Flavour: oregano, summery

Use: Meat and tomatoes


Anise Blossom:

Flavour: Fragrant aniseed, with a hint of tarragon

Use: Canapés, desserts (cold or ice)


Dushi Buttons:

Flavour: many times stronger than sugar, mint, sweet, thyme

Use: Balances out bitter dishes

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