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Another reason to snack on almonds every day

03 Jun 2020

Another reason to snack on almonds every day

The Indian Express
Another reason to snack on almonds every day

Have almonds every day, because there is no such thing as too many almonds. The dry fruit is packed with so much of dietary goodness that it is believed to be the go-to food item for your hunger pangs, along with your hair woes and skin issues. In a fact, a recent study has revealed that when you are hungry in between two meals and are looking for something to snack on, you must consider almond because it can improve cardiovascular health.

The study saw the participation of people from the UK, who had ‘above average’ cardiovascular disease risk, and consumed almonds during the course of the trial. The study was conducted by researchers from Kings College London, and led by one Wendy Hall. They compared the cardiometabolic health between two groups, and it was found that there had been an improvement in the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in the test subjects. This suggested that when you replace your regular snacks with almonds, you reduce the ‘adjusted relative cardiovascular disease risk’ by 32 per cent, the researchers said.

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