Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) strictly adheres to all rules and regulations laid out by the government authorities including Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality to ensure the health and safety of everyone on the premises

Together with this, DWTC’s own ‘Venue Safe’ standards ensure strict adherence to all safety and hygiene measures for the safe return of organised events. As we get ready to welcome you back with minimum impact on your event experience, the following Event Safety Measures have been put in place for an assured and secure visit. For your own safety, compliance is legally required in all areas; a team of our dedicated and trained ‘Venue Safe’ champions will be happy to assist you across the venue.

Bureau Veritas names DWTC first convention and exhibition centre in the Middle East to receive Safeguard Label

-Our venue is certified with the prestigious Bureau Veritas SafeGuard Label, which attests to its compliance with the highest hygiene standards. Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services has developed detailed checklists with global health, safety and hygiene specialists to ensure safe procedures are in place for the resumption of business operations in line with local and international regulations, as well as recognised best practices. Detailed audits are carried out to ensure that safety measures are implemented across the venue efficiently, with the SafeGuard label awarded only when all of their stringent requirements are met.



1 Wearing of masks at all times
2 Disinfection protocols are followed in all public areas
- Sanitisers readily available at multiple locations
3 Isolation rooms are set up at the venue for suspected cases and managed in close coordination with Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
- Real time monitoring of crowd density

Exhibition hall capacity to apply the minimum 2m social distancing corresponding into 1 person per 4sqm gross.
Observe the maximum capacity guideline for each area

- Contactless transactions are encouraged
- Download mobile app to access the full event programme
and network with attendees


- Keep 2 meters social distancing guideline
- Buffet allowed if 2 metres social distancing guideline is followed and only if served by waiting staff or served to guest on tables (no self-service allowed)
. Prayer rooms are opened following federal guidelines and directions
2 Exhibition halls shall close at 10pm for daily sterilisation and sanitisation
. Air change rate in the halls is 8 times per hour. Air extraction in the halls is pre-scheduled and all hall shutter doors will be kept open both before and after the event to assist with air circulation
[ Aisles shall be minimum 2.5m width one way and 4m for 2-way traffic
= Avoid shaking hands and exchanging business cards
/ If you are feeling unwell, please visit the clinic, located at Al Wasl Reception (beside Hall 5) Tel: +971 4 306 4040



- Conference Hall capacity to apply the minimum 2m social distancing corresponding into 1 person per 4 sqm gross on the net non-utilized space with a clear signage of capacity allowed
- Conference furniture will be sanitised after every use
- Do not touch the microphone Speak loudly, not closer than 10cm to the microphone
1 Audience must keep masks on at all times and may remove when asking questions
- Microphones are fitted with filters and will be replaced after every use


- Observe the maximum capacity guideline
- Standing microphones for audience are placed in the central aisles for any Q&A
- Individual seats are set apart at a distance equal to 2 chairs between each seat
- Social distancing and direction floor marks are to be respected
- At the end of the conference session, departure from hall will be phased by colour-coded zone



If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, feeling unwell or suspect to have symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical attention  and do not attend the event. Your health is our foremost priority. The event will be delivered with the strict standards of health and safety precautionary measures  including wearing a mask at all times, social distancing, contactless transactions and general hygiene protocols. We encourage all guests  to exercise social responsibility.

*Event health and safety precautionary guidelines subject to changes as directed by the local authorities


  • Food tasting and sampling may be conducted but exhibitors and visitors must strictly comply with safety policies implemented.
  • No food may be consumed in any walkway or aisle as face masks must be worn at all times.
  • Health & Safety Marshals will strictly enforce this policy and visitors are to be aware that a penalty fine of AED 3,000 will be applied for non-compliance.
  • Food sampling and tasting can be conducted only in designated areas.
  • Face masks may be removed for this purpose but reapplied as soon as practicable.
  • Social distancing of 2m per person should be strictly followed. Maximum capacity is therefore to be calculated on 4m² per person.
  • Live cooking is allowed however food must be served on an individual disposable platter, preferably consumed whilst seated and may not be removed from the sampling area.
  • If food is prepared at the stand, there should be provision to wash hands, to clean and disinfect equipment and food contact surfaces.
  • Sampling areas must be cleaned and sanitized before the next guest is seated.
  • Where a visitor wishes to take a sample from the exhibition, say for laboratory testing or external review, the food sample must be individually packed. Note that perishable items may not be removed from the exhibition under any circumstance according to the food safety guidelines already well established.
  • Please ensure visitors do not walk aisles, eating and not wearing face mask. Both visitors and the sample provider will be held responsible for non-compliance.
  • Only touchless water dispensers are permitted. Sealed bottled water will also be allowed on stands –these are available for purchase from EventPlus.
  • Advisory signage on recommended practices for social distancing and good tasting must be placed in stands that offer food sampling.
  • Frequent hand washing, especially after any interactions with surfaces that could be contaminated.
  • Disposable hand gloves must be used while handling open foods directly and replaced appropriately.
  • The above practices are in addition to current Dubai Municipality guidelines for food sampling. Further information listed in the Online Exhibitor Manual.