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06 - 08 April 2020   Dubai World Trade Centre

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The Pastry Lab

A space equipped like a real Pasty workshop where the best pastry chefs in Dubai will perform their arts.

The competition time is on! Chefs will test their skills into the following categories: 

Best tiramisu 

 jury of expert will judge the restaurant that will bring their traditional tiramisu. The winner will make a masterclass on the tiramisu revealing the secret for the perfect iconic Italian dessert

Young chef pastry challenge

Is Part of the Young Chef Hotel Challenge, and is a competition where 4 young pastry chef will create a dessert in hour time discovering the ingredient only a few minutes before the competition starts

Semifreddo masterclass

A traditional Italian dessert which is ‘’the missing link’’ between Gelato and classic pastry.

The Italian bakery

We will present the Italian version of the ‘’French’’ bakery.

Gelato masterclass

Chocolate masterclass

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