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  • 7 - 9 November 2021
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Speciality Food Festival

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  •   7 - 9 November 2021
  •   Dubai World Trade Centre

Sauces, Dressings and Condiments

Sauces, Dressings and Condiments

The Industry is set to grow at a  4% CAGR


Fermented Condiments to the Forefront

Fermented foods have been trending for a while, and has boosted broad consumer interest in the Korean condiment kimchi. Trends potters have predicted that the combined expanding interest in fermentation and Korean cuisine will converge to bring the fermented condiment gochujang to the forefront. One of the backbones of Korean cooking, this red chili paste is made with fermented soybeans, seasonings, and glutinous rice and is often used in marinades, dipping sauces, soups, and stews. Expect to see it show up on more foodservice menus and packaged at retail.

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