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  • 7 - 9 November 2021
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Speciality Food Festival

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  •   7 - 9 November 2021
  •   Dubai World Trade Centre

Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Growth in MEA is set at 8% CAGR until 2023 while the global average growth is 5% CAGR

sandwichMEA is the only region with larger consumption of flat than leavened bread; a reflection of traditional products in this region.

sandwichIn developed markets, consumers are purchasing unpackaged artisanal bread, which is perceived as healthier.

sandwichIn emerging regions packaged bread is popular as consumers prioritize taste and convenience.


Healthier options

sandwichThere is a movement to healthier options in mature developed markets for clean labels

breadThe gluten free necessitate due to change in lifestyles and health reasons, drove to the development and use of new speciality ingredients.

sandwichIn developed markets alternative products are increasingly replacing bread, as they are easier to consume on-the-go, and appeal more to single-person households.

breadIn emerging markets, the shift towards packaged industrial bread, which can be kept longer, is a consequence of increased urbanisation.



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