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Join MENA's Leading Trade Show for Artisanal and Gourmet Food Professionals

The Speciality Food Festival brings together extraordinary food and beverage products from over 200+ international brands with unique ingredients created through a time consuming processes that deliver the very best product, exquisite taste and presentation.

Bringing those finer products to life will be exhilarating experiences and live demonstrations that will provide The Speciality Food Festival visitors with countless networking opportunities and inspirational ideas.


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Raise Your Profile Amongst Global Leaders

Boost your competitive edge with rare and premium ingredients.

Gain Transnational Insight

Enhance your offering with innovative ingredients that will place your company ahead of the game.

Network with Acclaimed Industry Pioneers

Network with Acclaimed Industry Pioneers


Discover thousands of premium products from international brands. Exhibitors will demonstrate all that fits with the strict acceptance criteria and prove taste, brand provenance or quality benefits.







Be part of a visual extravaganza of culinary masterclasses, workshops and cooking challenges at the region’s most inspirational showcase of award-winning chefs.

The overall program will be broken down into three elements: Chef Challenges, Workshops and Masterclasses


Bringing young culinary talent from across the region together, this season YouthX is set to empower the young chefs of today with the skills to lead the region’s F&B industry in the next 20 years.



National Tasters Championship awards the professional coffee cupper who demonstrates speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffees.

Coffees of the world have many distinct taste characteristics and in this competition format the objective is for the cupper to discriminate between the different coffees.


At Speciality Food Festival 2022, key buyers across several industries visited the show to source premium brands globally.

95% of the visitors were very satisfied with the event and would recommend to their industry connections.



Welcome to the artisanal and gourmet segment of our speciality food!

This is where high-quality products are carefully curated to enable you to explore an exciting and authentic selection from the finest charcuterie and exquisite cheese, olive oils, bread, pickles and chutneys to speciality coffee, teas and spices.

Whether you're looking to indulge your taste buds or showcase your products, the artisanal and gourmet segment of our speciality food is not to be missed.

Our speciality food festival's plant-based and vegan sector is a hub for innovative and sustainable food products that cater to the increasing demand for healthier and ethical food choices.

The show floor features a wide range of plant-based meat, seafood, and dairy alternatives, as well as a variety of vegan snacks, desserts, and drinks. The exhibitors at the festival are passionate about developing products that are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly, using ingredients that are sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Visitors to the festival can discover new and exciting plant-based options, learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry, and connect with industry professionals who are committed to promoting a healthier and more sustainable food system. With a focus on health, sustainability, and innovation, our festival's plant-based and vegan sector is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of plant-based and vegan food products.

Explore the finest selection of organic and free-from products at the show this year, including farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, non-GMO ingredients, and fresh organic meat and poultry. Discover new and innovative product lines that cater to dietary restrictions and meet consumer demands for healthier and more sustainable food options.


Speciality coffee is a rapidly growing industry, driven by a commitment to excellence and sustainability throughout the coffee value chain. Our speciality food showcases some of the best and most innovative coffee producers, roasters, and baristas from around the world. Visitors can sample a wide range of speciality coffee products, attend workshops and seminars, and learn more about the coffee-making process. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and quality, our festival is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of speciality coffee.

The food service industry is a multifaceted ecosystem that includes everything from restaurants and cafes to catering and institutional dining. At our speciality food festival, we showcase the latest trends and innovations in food service, highlighting the unique solutions that businesses are using to meet the needs of their customers. Join us to explore this exciting and dynamic industry, where quality, innovation, and custom solutions come together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

The global health and wellness food market is currently experiencing a major shift, with consumers becoming increasingly conscious about the food they eat and how it impacts their overall health and well-being. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.20%, with a projected value of USD 162.09 billion by 2026.

Join us in exploring the exciting world of health and wellness food products, where taste and nutrition are no longer mutually exclusive. Our show offers visitors the opportunity to discover and sample a wide range of healthy and delicious food and beverage options, all carefully curated to meet the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable food choices.

From superfoods and plant-based options to functional beverages and nutritious snacks, our exhibitors are committed to promoting health and wellness through their innovative and sustainable products.

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